Laboratorium-biologia-molekularnaINPACT has a collaborative academic and industrial R&D team that combines specific technologies and expertise in peptide science, proprietary technologies on antibody and protein engineering, and experience in development of anticancer drugs.

Together this team has the ability to produce novel drugs with higher selectivity, lower likelihood to develop resistance, and with improved delivery, when compared to current drugs in the market.




The major outcome will be new drug leads to target both infectious diseases and cancers. Specifically, the new drugs will combine the ability to kill bacteria and tumour cells with capability to translocate the blood-brain barrier; therefore, these innovative drugs will be capable of targeting brain tumours and brain-hidden pathogens.

This international team includes five academic partners (from Portugal, Spain, Australia, Brazil, and USA) and three biotech SMEs committed to R&D (from Portugal and Spain) that will be strongly engaged in INPACT. This team will work at the interface of basic and pre-clinical research to translate the outcomes into technologies of industrial value.

startup-1018514_960_720In addition to the academic and industry partners, INPACT also involves a world leader European business school (IESE, Barcelona, Spain), an established media partner specialised in science communication (Ciência Hoje, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). INPACT will contribute to the progress of Europe by using research and education for societal development and economic growth.