INPACT approach

INPACT is focused in creating proof-of-concept. We aim to develop new generation drugs by producing chimeras that combine antitumoural, or antimicrobial, molecules with small domain antibodies and/or barrier-translocating chemical entities.


Schematic presentation of the INPACT methodological approach to design new drug leads that will enrich the portfolio of partner SMEs

Linear AMP and CPP sequences identified from viral proteins and selected following the application of bioinformatics tools and machine-learning will be stabilized by peptide engineering. Cyclic AMP will be examined for their ability to kill and/or inhibit the growth of bacteria in biofilms. Cyclic CPP will be chemically conjugated to anticancer small molecules (ACSM), small domain antibodies, or both. The chimeric drug leads will be tested in vitro against immortalised tumour cells and standard pharmacokinetic evaluations will be performed. Altogether this program involves a synergistic, multidisciplinary and dynamic approach entailing knowledge in chemistry, cell biology and microbiology.