Inpact News

The INPACT team has been very active in intersectoral and/or intercontinental activities, most of the participants being involved in secondments either has hosts or sender institutions. Two general meetings have occurred, the kick-off meeting (in Barcelona, Spain) and the first annual meeting (Lisbon, March 9th 2016). Scientific and outreaching activities have tangible outputs.

Nearly all participants in INPACT have sent and/or received fellows, most with the purpose to train and increase the career prospects of young people.

  • Infoday RISE (Jan 25th, 2016, Lisbon, Portugal) – “Success stories” Benchmarking INPACT

Miguel Castanho participated in a Infoday to inform the scientific community about RISE. The Infoday was organized by the Portuguese Science Funding Agency with the purpose of promoting RISE among academic and non-academic researchers. Two “success stories” were presented for benchmarking, one from a non-academic coordinator and another from an academic coordinator, which was INPACT. The event was very successful and interactive: a very fruitful discussion with presentations, questions and answers.


  • World Cancer Day 2016. 4th February 2016, IMM Lisboa, Portugal.

Science awareness in cancer and antibiotics”, Laboratory visit for high school students (Escola Secundária D. Sancho II, 24th February 2016) at IMM.

  • European researchers’ night” Scientific activities under the moto “Scientist for a night, National Museum of Science and Natural History, Lisbon, Portugal (30th September, 2016).

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  • European Day of the Antibiotics” Lecture by Miguel Castanho with high school students of Instituto de Ciências Educativas (ISCE), Odivelas, Portugal (18th November, 2016.
  • National day of scientific culture” Lectures and scientific activities with high school students of Instituto de Ciências Educativas (ISCE), Odivelas, Portugal (24th November, 2016.

INPACT was presented and the themes Antibiotic Resistance and Cancer were both discussed. The scientific strategies for drug development and drug safety were presented.

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  • Nanotechnology applied to cancer diagnosis and treatment” Open virtual webminar on the occasion of the World Cancer Day (Global event broadcasted by Janssen; January 31st 2017).

INPACT was presented to a broad general audience of scientists and clinicians (by Diana Gaspar, IMM). Scientists interacted with clinicians to discuss the forefront of the technological developments in cancer diagnosis and treatment.